Commitment To The Environment

Socially responsible behaviour is one of MATIMEX's key goals.
This goal is not limited to the usual commitments a company makes to its employees and other stakeholders.
The company is also involved in the issues facing today’s society and does what it can to make a concrete contribution addressing the biggest problems facing today’s society through its business policies. This is particularly true in the area of environment.


Sustainable construction of the MATIMEX building: an architectural complex combining design and technology to serve the environment. Its eco-sustainable structure is characterised by:

  • A northward geographic orientation, to prevent the rays of the sun from increasing energy consumption for cooling the offices in summer.
  • Gardens planted with vegetation native to the local Mediterranean environment.
  • Matimex ventilated façade with the Geos system installed in the building: an easily assembled structure that permits energy savings of around 35%, has no gaps between components (generating an authentic air chamber) and permits combination of different formats to suit the architect’s taste.
  • Building made entirely out of glass to optimise use of sunlight.
  • Presence of "skylights" to let natural light into windowless rooms.

Efficient use of resources: rational use of resources, reduction and correct disposal of wastes with reduced consumption of raw materials and energy; to achieve this Matimex uses:

  • Switches with motion sensors to light up the washrooms and showroom.
  • Energy-saving light bulbs.
  • Computerised management of customers and employees to reduce paper consumption.
  • Separation of wastes with containers for separate collection on the company’s premises.

Matimex's goal is to guarantee respect for the environment and customer satisfaction, responding to customers' needs in the most sustainable way possible and supplying innovative solutions permitting appropriate use of resources in an environmentally friendly way.