Our values:
fashion, passion, strength


Because the future will belong to believe in the innovation, in the changes in form of thinking and working, in the creativity, in trends, and in the different forms of search new styles for the application every day.

In Matimex stand out for our aesthetic versatility. We like analyze the styles and we like marking future trends and we want to be fashion with the society and especially with our customers.

It’s not so much a matter of seeing what no-one else has seen yet, as of thinking what no-one else has yet thought about what is there for everyone to see.


Because being good at what we do is just our starting point and for us the implication in our work is important. We have to put goals, and when they are achieve, we have to indicate more and obtain them.

In Matimex, we do them daily and we get up all our proposals because without dedication in our work nothing would be possible. One aspect that makes it is the teamwork, because we feel each personal function as collective functions.


Because our products have a strong international presence thanks of our entity: IRIS CERAMICA GROUP. Our Group, world leader in the fabrication of ceramic products in big sizes and thin thickness, is seriously, professional and there is a big human quality in all employees, so is one reason in our actual success.

Looking future, we think, believe and contribute in the respect for the environment. For this reason we have a good position in the ceramic sector.

Thanks to personal goals, it’s possible to get the Group goals and all doing that we form a human set in the same direction.