Mission & Vision
Our values:
fashion, passion, strength

Providing clients, architects and corporate images with the widest possible range of constructive and decorative solutions that respect the environment, using ceramic slabs to create unique, high-quality spaces that follow the principles of modern architecture.

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Mission & Vision Our values:  fashion, passion, strength


Our company is a member of the Iris Ceramica Group (Italy), founded in 1973 and now based in Castellón. We rose to a position of leadership on the market for imported ceramics in Spain many years ago, becoming a landmark on the market for ceramic floor and wall tiles. We are a big family, with a strong Italian influence and solid values of respect for the environment.

We offer a great variety of trendy, outstanding products that lead the way in technology, quality and design.

We manage and promote sales of the Group’s products in Spain, Portugal and a number of Latin American countries, with a special focus on Mexico.


We strongly believe that the future belongs to those with an ability to innovate, with a flexible mentality and way of working: this is how innovation and creativity work together to act as our search engine for identifying new styles and trends. We at MATIMEX stand out for our aesthetic versatility, analysing today’s styles to come up with the future trends that society will adopt.

Our forward-looking research into sustainable materials confirms our ethical vocation for protection of the environment.

By demonstrating its respect for the planet, the company sets itself at the top of its field as one of the most advanced companies in sustainable development, a fact which is apparent in its innovative products and way of working. It’s not so much a matter of seeing what no-one else has seen yet, as of thinking what no-one else has yet thought about what is there for everyone to see.


Being good at what we do is just our starting point, not our goal.
We set targets that we know we will not be able to reach right away, aware of the fat that if we are committed to achieving them we will achieve better results than we expected.
Our dedication for what we do starts afresh every morning, with a great team spirit that leads to a good choice of functions and materials for designing dreams and creating spaces.


Our products know no boundaries, as we have an established international presence. The seduction of the materials we produce has spread to twenty countries all over the world.

This power transmitted by MATIMEX is no chance. The company is a member of the Iris Ceramica Group, a multinational world leader in the production of ceramics. And our current success is a product of the hard work, professionalism and human value that our employees have contributed over all these years.

We make the most of our people’s talents, and we’re proud of the individual success stories that contribute to our global success.

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