MatimexPLUS:  a new communication tool.

a new communication tool.

«You have to try the impossible to achieve the possible» Hermann Hesse.


Matimex is launching a new publication about design, architecture and trends in ceramics in the group to which the company belongs, the Iris Ceramica Group.

Once a year MatimexPLUS will document outstanding projects completed during the year using the company’s products on its principal markets, Spain, Portugal and Mexico, and in other parts of the world where the Iris Ceramica Group operates.

The magazine is intended to focus on the particular features unmistakeably identifying Matimex’s approach to architecture, such as PIAM, the annual Matimex Architecture Award presented for the third time this year, and the catalogue published during the contest. MatimexPLUS reports on what is happening in Matimex, from cultural and professional events that have taken place during the year to new products of particular significance or emotional impact, such as Active, the ceramic material described in the first edition of the magazine.

The magazine also presents the team, because in the end, companies are nothing more than the people who work for them.

MatimexPLUS is another flexible, authentic tool for communication offering more knowledge on the topic of ceramics.


Edition 01


Edition 01


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Edition 06

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