Apels, an exclusive space for drinks modeling by TREND

Located in Puerto de Alcudia, northern Mallorca, between two bays that form some of the most privileged beaches of the Mediterranean, is located an exclusive local of drinks called Apels.Inspired by the shape of an apple, the spectacular circular bar of red skin 27 meters simulates a huge red apple with our Crystal 424 from TREND.

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Apels, an exclusive space for drinks modeling by TREND

Located in Puerto de Alcudia, northern Mallorca, between two bays that form some of the most privileged beaches of the Mediterranean, is located an exclusive local of drinks called Apels. Inspired by the shape of an apple, the spectacular circular bar of red skin 27 meters simulates a huge red apple with our Crystal 424 from TREND.Within the wide offer of MATIMEX, for the pavement has been selected the blackness of RockSolid 671 from TREND in 120x120 format.An amalgam agglomerated recycled particles of quartz and granite in different sizes. Another aspect that gives uniqueness to considerable local is the customization of the logotype on the same pavement by Water Jet technology TREND.

In Matimex we like the design that connects with emotions.

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