The most exclusive marble pieces, Precious Stones.

The most exclusive marble pieces, Precious Stones.

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The most exclusive marble pieces, Precious Stones.

With an appreciate beauty, the pieces of Precious Stone collection from Fiandre play with veins uplifting surfaces with meandering decorations in two huge formats: 300x150 cm. and 150x75 cm.
The extraordinary impact of its 18 models, gives value to walls, furniture and decorative items inspiring designers in their creations.Its models are: Carrara. Originally from Apuan Alps and universally known as one of the most popular for its white hue, with little marbles veins. Pietra Venata. The noble and sophisticated stone par excellence. Miele and Beige Breccia Breccia. Characterized by its delicate blend of mineral fragments and angular rock fragments. Onyx. Represented by smooth translucent stratum of various hues. Azzurra Agate, Blue Agate, Venata Agata, Agata Corniola. Combines layers with intense colors. Malachite. Its concentric traces of green hues enrich its surface. Nero Portoro. The black hue of this marble includes plenty of white veins and fossils of grey - white color.
The innovation developed in the manufacture of this porcelain material, introduces significant improvements in technical characteristics to simplify the complicated maintenance of natural marble.

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