Big success in the first Workshop M.A.E.

The new technologies for the future constructions

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Big success in the first Workshop M.A.E.

Yesterday Matimex celebrated the I Workshop M.A.E. with the name: The new technologies for the future constructions.

In this first event, Matimex counted on the presence of Valentino Capucci, responsible to I+D+i from Gruppo Fiandre Iris Ceramica; also with professor Claudia L. Bianchi, from Milan University; Marta Castellote and Teresa Moreno, components from CSIC (“investigation centre scientific”), where they carry out the important project “LIFE”. All of them spoke us about the most advanced technology associated with the ceramic tiles and sustainability.

Regarding the different issues, the professor Claudia L. Bianchi spoke us about environment and the construction materials, a required cooperation.

Valentino Capucci, spoke about the innovation manufacturing process in ceramic tiles with digital impression.

Marta Castellote, explained of the sustainability in the technologies in urban pavements. And, Teresa Moreno talked about the quality in the air in the railway and metre systems.

Ramón Carneros, Commercial Director from Matimex, spoke in his conference about big ceramic tiles and the infinite solutions with them in the modern architecture, because the limit is in your creativity.

The architect Elena Magarotto, investigator from Gruppo Fiandre Iris Ceramica, spoke about the different systems in the facade applications with big ceramic tiles.

Finally, Saverio Contaldo, Technical specialised from Gruppo Fiandre Iris Ceramica, did an excellent practical demonstration in our warehouse about the handling, transformation and laying of the big ceramic tiles.

It was an interesting and rewarding first Workshop for all people in Matimex, also for the assistants because they learned new concepts. The conferences were interesting and we have learnt new concepts and also about the most advanced technologies apply in the ceramic tiles, and with the contribution with the environment.

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