Would you like to meet MAE?

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Would you like to meet MAE?

Are you passionate about design, architecture, creativity, trends ...? If yes, you must know M.A.E. (Matimex Architectural Exhibition), a 1,000 mq where you can see the impressive solutions created with our large format ceramic plates (300x150 cm.).

MAE is a gallery of art from the time it is accessed, it is surprising to those who are visiting. Also, you can find in the heart of the showroom, the spectacular vertical garden of 60 m2, reflects of our commitment to the environment.

Our architectural space is characterized by not setting limits and, for that reason, has exposed solutions for coffee bars, work rooms, stairs, garden, bathroom, ventilated façade, kitchen ... and a host of applications for both outdoor and indoor spaces, including with ceramic pieces cut into curvilinear shapes.

If you are an architect, a designer, an interior or simply a passionate about architecture and design, you can contact Gemma Vidal, calling our phone +34 964 503 240 to arrange a visit and appreciate firsthand the essence of MAE .

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