2ª EDITION MATIMEX ARCHITECTURE AWARD. Architecture of knowledge

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This year Matimex dedicates the 2nd edition of PIAM (Matimex International Architecture Award) to the architecture of knowledge, a reflection on the bonded spaces with the knowledge that answer to the new needs of learning, transmission and / or creation of the knowledge, such as areas of work, research areas, kindergartens, universities, museums, libraries, … among many other options.

New technologies are changing the relationship with our acquaintances, the way we learn, and thus workspaces and learning areas. The means in which we communicate are no longer the same, neither the methods of transmission.

How do new technologies affect storage spaces, creating and transmission spaces of knowledge?. They can be converted into dynamic places which host activity, participation and teamwork?. How will be libraries of the future?. And the research spaces?

Generation, transmission and even storage of the knowledge require adequate spaces, adapted to a changing society and new channels of communication. A typological analysis about architectural spaces linked to the knowledge is required.

Matimex encourages to present ideas and projects, which meet the new needs of generation, transmission and learning of the knowledge.

This year the award offers three types of non-binding spaces:

Spaces dedicated to
creation and reflection:

Working areas.
Research areas.


Spaces related
with education:

Nursery schools.
Training centers.
Professional schools.


Spaces in which knowledge
is transmitted:

Conference rooms.
Meeting rooms.

Aimed at professionals and students of architecture workd, design, interior design o the engineering, the contest will assess the most innovative proposal and its impact on the activity they host.

Likewise it will be assessed by the jury the projection of sustainable spaces which put into consideration the environment, as well as proposals that investigate about the different ways of integration of Gruppo Fiandre Iris Ceramica products:
Products with ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic application. An antibacterial, self-cleaning and anti-pollution material that can improve the quality of the air removing external pollutant (NOx) and internal pollutant (COVs).Products manufactured with at least 40% of recycled material, accredited by LEED or BREEAM certification:FIANDREFMGARIOSTEATiles of the following collections:Fiandre MaximumIris HiliteFMG MaxfineAriostea UltraPorcelaingres Just GreatEiffelgres Megamicro
Proposals may develop an idea of a project or present an implemented project. No limitations or restrictions on the dimensions of the spaces are required.
The date of registration and delivery of project is from the 22nd of February to 31st of May 2016.
Awards, understood in net amounts, will be given are the followings:Professional Category: 1er prize: 3.000 €
2º prize: 1.000 €
1er honorable mention: without financial remuneration
2º honorable mention: without financial remuneration Students Category: 1er prize: 1.000 €
2º prize: 500 €

The jury is made up international recognized professionals linked with architecture and sustainability:Federica Minozzi. CEO Gruppo Fiandre Iris Ceramica, Italy.Juan-Luis Grafulla. CEO and General Director of Matimex.Eric Draper. Partner Director of Broadway Malyan. Director of Interior Department of Broadway Malyan Spain.César Ruiz-Larrea. Architect. Partner Director of Ruiz-Larrea & Asociados S.L. Professor, director of Master y lecturer.Jaime Sanahuja. Doctor Architect. Partner Director of Sanahuja&Partners. Partner professor in ETSAV and researcher in Spanish Modern Architecture.Gabriel-Ángel Ortín. Architect. Director of Technical Assistance of MAPEI in Spain.Francesc Rifé. Industrial and interior designer. Partner in Francesc Rifé Studio.
Matimex encourages you to inquire into the matter and to submit a proposal. Consult the contest rules: www.premiosmatimex.es
See the 1st edition of PIAM, winners, jury, … , an edition dedicated to the analysis of trends in hotels industry: First Edition PIAM

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