SapienStone, dress your kitchen

Exclusive brand for countertop in Iris Ceramica Group

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SapienStone, dress your kitchen

SapienStone, the first brand dedicated exclusively to countertop and furniture’s, as much for the home as professional use in hotels, restaurants and coffee bars, from Iris Ceramica Group.

Its esthetical aspects permits that it is a distinctive decorative element from avant-garde style until classical; and the technical aspects permits the material could applicate in pavement and facing for getting an integrated effect; moreover it is a support when you prepare plates.

It is a hygienically product, not absorbing and it is possible having the meals in contact with the countertop.

Its finishes can be natural, shiny and honed. Its sizes allow it will be competent with any countertop.

SapienStone are big technological stone with the size: 3200x1500 mm. with 12 and 20 mm. of thickness.

Technical characteristics:
Resistance to high temperaturesYou can use in outdoor because solar radiation does not alter its characteristicsScratch resistanceNo maintenance requiredResistance to chemicals and acids The contact from Matimex is the technical Roberto Varea (

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