MatimexPLUS, another way to communicate.

«You have to try the impossible to achieve the possible.» Hermann Hesse.

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MatimexPLUS, another way to communicate.

Matimex launches for the first time a new a publication focus on design, architecture and the new ceramic tendencies of the group we belong, Iris Ceramica Group.

With an annually frequency, MatimexPLUS magazine pretends to show the most outstanding projects of the year with our ceramic products in the principal markets of Spain, Portugal and Mexico, as well as anywhere in the world where the group has made a difference.

What ´s more, the magazine tries to make clear the features that brand for life Matimex ´s architectural culture like PIAM, the International Architectural Awards that we celebrate every year and this year is his 3rd edition; as well as the book regarding PIAM we launch.

MatimexPLUS expects to be a reporter of everything that happens in Matimex, from the cultural and professional events throughout the year, to the launch of products and important novelties like Active, a photocatalytic ceramic material that we name in our first edition.

We also talk about our team, because companies, after all, are the people who form them.

MatimexPLUS is another way of friendly, sincere and enrich communication of knowledge.

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