PIAM book 2016 finalist in the ADCV 2017 Awards

A recognition of the best Valencian design

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PIAM book 2016 finalist in the ADCV 2017 Awards

The book PIAM 2016, designed by Josep Sedano and Andrea Méndez of the company Milkman, has been a finalist in the ADCV 2017 Awards in the category "Editorial. Book and Collection ". The award is given by the Association of Designers of the Region of Valencia every two years.

The second volume PIAM (Matimex International Architecture Prize), inspired by the theme of the contest, is a tribute to the winners and jury members who understood perfectly the essence of the competition. It is also a creative object, full of interpretations, codes and cryptographic resources that require the skills of the reader to be deciphered. A fun, educational and enigmatic copy.

All the works distinguished with the title of finalist have been selected for being a clear example of quality and good design. As for the winners, his name was revealed at a ceremony held on June 7 at the Teatro Rialto, Valencia, and was attended by designers, political authorities and representatives of the world of business and culture who participated in making delivery of awards.

At the same time, the publication "ADCV 2017 Awards" was published, a book that compiles all the finalist and award winning projects from the period between 2015 and 2016.

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