Santander Offices: a different model of banking in Spain

Santander Offices: a different model of banking in Spain

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Santander Offices: a different model of banking in Spain

For the financial the client is the center of the business model. Knowing how to listen, understanding their needs and building long-term relationships of trust are the bases on which Santander's commitment to its clients is based.

The most durable relationships with the highest added value with customers are generated and maintained in their offices. Therefore, the bank has decided to include in its strategy the remodeling of its branches to adapt them to its new model. A decisive intervention aimed at promoting a pleasant and pleasant working environment that guarantees, as up to now, communication with its clients.

The architecture embraces the pre-existing structure and its distribution has meeting areas, a space for archives, the toilet area and a large central room that occupies the heart of the entity and is intended to serve customers and perform the administrative procedures that are required.
The interior design of its offices starts from a deep reflection about the materials that comprise it and includes those principles established in the business strategy.

In the central area of the office has been used a ceramic pavement manufactured exclusively for the entity, the selected model interprets the wood and with its cream tone gives the environment a certain warmth and comfort. The format used is 150x25cm. The Urban Gray model of 75x75 cm format. it is placed in the perimeter of the same central room and its gray tonality invites reflection and negotiation.

The toilet and archives area maintains the same gray palette as the rest of the spaces

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