MatimexPLUS 02, we continue communicating

We launched our second issue of MatimexPLUS magazine,

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MatimexPLUS 02, we continue communicating

On an annual basis, MatimexPLUS documents the most outstanding projects of the year carried out with our products in the main markets of Spain, Portugal and Mexico, as well as anywhere in the world where the group makes a difference.

The magazine is a chronicle of everything that happens in Matimex, from the cultural and professional events that take place throughout the year, to the launch of products and news that are significant or emotionally impacting, such as SapienStone, the new brand of Iris Ceramica Group dedicated to the kitchen countertops and that we mention in our second edition.

This issue concentrates a selection of works of a very varied theme, profusely photographed, where ceramics are present in all scales and in different uses; from the SOFIA hotel in Barcelona to the intervention in Metro Madrid, or the sports hall made by Alberto Campo Baeza. We dedicate some pages to work done by our partners in Mexico with the KOI and Pueblo Serena projects. These works will serve the most technical reader to assess the use of ceramic material in different stylistic currents.

We present an interesting interview with the designer Isabel López Vilalta, and our Technical Office of Matimex in Madrid located in Paseo de Recoletos, recently inaugurated.
We also announce who is part of our Customer Service Department, because companies, after all, are the people that make them up.

We invite you to meet us.

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