Gold Recognition of Active in Friendly Materials

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Gold Recognition of Active in Friendly Materials

The construction sector is in luck!

Today Friendly Materials was born, the first virtual library of healthy construction materials. With this platform, with free and open access, PMMT Arquitectura helps design environments that offer the highest quality of life thanks to the choice of the healthiest products and building materials for people.

At you can identify the healthiest materials on the market thanks to the commitment of manufacturers such as Iris Ceramica Group, which are already committed to health, transparency of the industry, and corporate social responsibility. Friendly Materials exposes the products, as a guide, with the aim of promoting awareness about non-toxic built environments and about the design of healthy buildings.

Matimex has participated with four models of ceramic tiles from Maximum collection, two of which integrate their innovative and sustainable product Active Clear Air & Antibacterial Ceramic.

Our two products with Active finish have had maximum score, obtaining 92 points out of 96. A result of the analysis of the following parameters:

• Certified by third parties
• Alert List free substances
• Free of VOC emissions (zero emissions)
• Active properties photocatalytic material
• Transparent information

We know that you share with us the concern for people and their physical environment, and that is why we invite you to visit Friendly Materials. We hope you find it useful.

Now that we can, let's choose health!

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