Expectation in the MateriAttiva space at Milan Design Week by Iris Ceramica Group

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Expectation in the MateriAttiva space at Milan Design Week by Iris Ceramica Group

Under the careful guidance of the architect Mario Cucinella, MateriAttiva, the Iris Ceramica Group space located in the heart of the Brera Design District, offers the public a surprising multisensory experience where sustainability is shown as a tool to build a pact between human beings and nature. A space that subtly awakens the visitor about the importance of the social dimension in sustainable development.

The project recreates a cave as a place of primordial purity with elements that take life. A journey that explores the new and exciting frontiers of ceramics, conceived not only as an inert material, but as a living architectural element able to improve the environment and therefore the comfort and health of people.

When the visitor enters, he immerses himself in a multisensory experience marked by the rhythm of the ceramic stalactites and the sound of drops falling on a thin veil of water producing subtle flashes of light. The intrinsic properties of the material are visible at all times thanks to the combined action of light, water and sound.

Upon entering the second room and "re-emerging" from the cave, we observe a large tree located in the center, its breathing reminds us of the need to be inspired by the mechanisms of nature to design materials that coexist in harmony with the environment.

Iris Ceramica Group and the young architects of SOS - School of Sustainability in collaboration with Mario Cucinella Architects design this project that has already started in Bologna with «Pollution 2018».

Live every beat of Milan Design Week with us and discover the trends of this year, an essential appointment with design.

Place: Iris Ceramica Group, MateriAttiva space. Brera Design District. Via Balzan corner via San Marco. Milan

Date: from April 8 to 14. Hours: from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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