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Our global commitment to the environment and sustainability goes beyond manufacturing porcelain stoneware emitting zero particles into the atmosphere or opting for the photocatalytic ceramic product Active.

Within the ethics and corporate social responsibility of our Group, and specifically through the Iris Ceramica Group Foundation, global actions such as the reforestation of mangroves which defends delicate ecosystem, or such as the SISO operation that combats illegal fishing in the Aeolian Islands (near the northeast coast of Sicily) are supported.

Continuing in the field of sustainability, but with a slightly closer approach, this year Matimex will support rural areas by promoting fair trade and local consumption. Exciting action in favor of sustainable agriculture that we have called "Sponsor your orange tree", in it we activate the sponsorship of trees to put into practice the ethical principles that Matimex defends. The more #activated there are, the better it is for the environment and for agriculture.

In «Sponsor your orange tree» we see this fruit tree typical of the Valencian Community grow and we take its fruits to the «godfather». Daniel is the person who takes care of the orange trees in Bétera, a town near Valencia. In the early 1960s, his family bought the first parcels of what is now a family farm. He applies integrated agriculture, a practice compatible with the protection and improvement of the environment, natural resources, genetic diversity, and soil and landscape conservation.

Navelina, Navel, Navel Lane Late, Barnfield, Chislett, and Valencia Midknight are the varieties Daniel offers. Each of them can be distinguished by its size, the color of its pulp, the thickness of its skin, or the time of maturation. The common factor that unites them is that they arrive at their destination with all their essence because they do not mature in cold rooms. They are collected directly from the tree at the time the order is placed and can be consumed the same day, thereby also avoiding possible surpluses.

A Matimex initiative that, in this first year, in a very few weeks, has been overwhelmingly successful, and very soon the possible trees will have been exhausted. We take note to better forecast next year so that the #activate movement has continuity with new sponsorships.

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