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A lot of runners took part in PIAM’s 7th edition which had its project proposal submission deadline set for May 10

Following the theme for this year «Therapeutic architecture, designing for health», the proposals made use of urban planning and architecture as a tool to generate healthy surroundings able to cure, prevent or even increase public health levels; some of these proposals were incredibly creative. The contest’s jury decided that the following projects are those which deserved to receive awards.

The Project which ranked highest and has been awarded the first prize is:  

«SALUD URBANA, SALUD HUMANA» by Antonio Torres Sanz.

The Project makes use of the industrial heritage absorbed in cities as a tool to sanify squares in which it is located, creating new social synergies with the generation of shared spaces. All urban scars are healed and social damages are repaired through architecture.

The use of light and of Matimex materials were aspects appraised of the project. The composition was deemed balanced in terms of colors and texture which also made the proposal efficient and sustainable. ¡

The panel designed is elegant and instructive.

The winner of the second prize is:

«LA PIEL VELADA» by Julia Molina Virués and Vicente Pérez Hernández

The Project is the study of a building of great political meaning for the city of Pamplona, which consists of a wall surrounding the city. Without getting rid of its essence, it is covered by a partially see-through veil ad it is given a new use to serve each citizen, who can make it his. The threatening character of the building is replaced by an open and usable space The metaphor by which architecture can be needle and thread is valid not only in its urban aspects but in its social aspects too.

The proposal makes use of a delicate and precise selection of materials. It is attractive and of quality. An excellent work.


The jury also nominated two runner ups with the following projects:

Runner up: «STICKS AND STONES» by Beatriz Ariño Cabau.

The modelling of empty space for different purposes requires coherence within its different architectural elements.

Conceptually the project is well integrated with its space, it is extremely realistic and it has a very simple design yet it is of high quality. The project’s description was simple and well structured, it makes smart use of the contest’s materials.

Runner up: «ENTRE RIOS.  CENTRO DE RECUPERACIÓN FUNCIONAL» by Bryan Hernández Díaz y Lorenzo Andrés Parra Garcés. 

The proposal’s flexibility and adaptability were objects of appraise: it pays particular attention to its surroundings when the time comes for its installation, it offers enough flexibility to adapt itself to different sceneries. It makes smart use of proposed materials.

Good concept, suitable for different grounds, sustainable, it makes use of ceramic of great size.


This year, as a novelty, two special mentions have been made for the following two projects:

«REFLECTING NUCLEUS. TRANSFORMATIONAL WELLNESS» by Shivani Kond, Durga Vitankar and Shubham Revankar.


«VALENCIA ARENA» by Carlos Carbonell Leal.


The jury’s composition is of great importance for Matimex, this year’s proposals have been evaluated by:

  • Manuel Alberdi Causse. Project Manager from Bupa’s (Sanitas) project development department.
  • Albert De Pineda. Pinearq founding member.
  • Juan-Luis Grafulla. Matimex General Director and BOD member.
  • Alberto Jorge Camacho y Jaime López Valdés. Chile 15 founding members.
  • Federica Minozzi. Iris Ceramica Group CEO.
  • Francisco Ortega Montoliu. Enero Arquitectura General Director.
  • Javier Zamorano Serrano. VIAIV Global Retail Architects Founder.


As in the past years; the photocatalytic application of  Active Surfaces by Iris Ceramica Group, based on the improvement of air quality and human health, has been greatly appreciated by the jury.

The official awards ceremony for  PIAM will take place at the Matimex headquarters in Castellón on Thursday, October 21st.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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