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This has been his professional career so far:

Architect by the ETSAB in 2010, he joined the GCA Arquitectos team in 2012, where he specializes in projects for high-rise buildings. In 2019 he is appointed associate architect of the firm and head of the systems department.

Let us get to know you a little better ...

What is architecture for you?

A way of seeing life. I think architecture gives us a different look at what surrounds us ... it allows us to focus on small details that would otherwise go unnoticed. For me, it is trying to understand the space around us and learning to play with it.

Sustainability and architecture are increasingly united ...

They have always been closely linked; Factors such as orientation, sun protection or the use of local materials are determining factors in a project. Perhaps now, as sustainability is measured and scored, we have a stricter and quantitative control of how sustainable we are and this leads us in some cases to make sustainability the ‘engine’ idea of ​​the project.

How do you imagine the architecture of the future?

I think there is a trend towards a more inclusive, more sustainable, more technological architecture ... we are experimenting with many new materials, more industrialized ways of building ... I think the impact of construction on the planet and its 'footprint' they are going to be key factors.

Any important project that you are working on and that you can reveal to us?

What I can reveal I do not know ... confidentiality also seems to be a trend ... What I can say is that we are working in many different places, in the South of Spain we have a very interesting housing project and in the 22 @ several offices underway ... some near Barcelona where we are working on the integration of a green façade ...

What is the most curious place where you have been inspired?

I find the ancient monumental architecture very inspiring, due to the geometries, the way of building, the use of natural resources ... The temples of Siem Reap, for example, seemed a very evocative place.

Some dream project come true?

I am fortunate to work on large projects and with clients who give us a certain freedom to design at will, so I would tell you that any of them could be treated as a 'dream project'. On a personal level, I am especially comfortable in office projects, the Puig tower project in Plaza Europa I remember with great affection. Since it was a very important learning for me.

What led you to dedicate yourself to architecture?

I could not tell you, I think that in my case it is pure vocation since I have no family background. At home they are all from the naval branch or the medical branch, so I don't know ... I guess I was born with a certain need to order space, I'm quite a freak about order.

Each project is different, as is the environment where it will be physically reflected. How do both concepts come together?

Well, precisely like this, every time we attack a new project, we start from an analysis of the place where it is implanted, of the history and culture of that place, of the particular way of life of its inhabitants ... and from there the first ideas, project concept. Personally, I would not know how to understand one thing without the other.

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