Living the project

Los Cubos Vertical Campus

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Living the project

An exclusive group of professionals linked to architecture have enjoyed "Living the project", our exciting cycle of private visits in different parts of Spain.

We begin this tour in the Los Cubos Vertical Campus building, the iconic building that came back to life thanks to Chapman Taylor, one of the most important architecture, urbanism and design studios in our country.

Carlo Bassi, urban architect, was the one who told us about the peculiarities in the renovation of the building, as well as the challenges encountered when adapting current technology to be respectful, innovative and dynamic.

The building, located on Madrid's M30, was designed in 1974 by French architects Michel Andrault, Pierre Parat, Aydin Guvan and Alain Capieu. It caters to the brutalist architecture of the seventies that Le Corbusier started, but identifies more with the Japanese metabolist current led by Kenzō Tange.

"Rehabilitation has been a challenge because space has rejuvenated for decades. We have intervened in all the key elements for its habitability. From the lighting, the access to the building, the finishings of the offices, the materials, the lobby, etc. We have even improved the distribution of parking spaces, giving preference to electric vehicles for recharging, "explains Bassi, who gives us the keys to its design.

Living the project will continue after the summer with interesting tours told by authors themselves. Juan-Luis Grafulla, ceo of Matimex and Gemma Vidal, architect and head of events, thank all the guests for their attendance and describe the cycle as successful.

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