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Today we disprove one of the most common myths that circulate about ceramics.

Legend has it that these pieces, when they are of considerable size, are difficult to install. This is one of the points that most often concerns installers interested in large ceramic formats. The cause of this concern is that they believe that large formats, such as 300 x 150 cm, require other more complex techniques for their placement.

If you also share this concern, let us tell you that its installation only requires a certain adaptation to the installation techniques and the tools used. These are our tips:

It is very important that the support is a stable and completely flat surface. If these requirements are not met, the support must be conditioned.
Installation requires the double gluing technique, that is, a thin layer of adhesive both on the back of the piece and on the support. The trowel used must have a suitable tooth for the format of the tile.

It is highly recommended to use suction cups both to place the pieces, with much more comfort, and to rectify their position and check the adhesion of the ceramic adhesive.
We will use a leveling system with cross braces or «T» as spacers to avoid the dreaded eyebrows or unevenness and to respect the thickness of the installation joints. In addition, with this system we favor setting through the joints.

As for the cuts, we can cut with both manual and electric cutters, but we must make sure that these tools are suitable for large formats.

Dare to use large ceramic formats because their advantages are even greater, such as their continuity effect. The size of porcelain stoneware is closely related to the amplitude, if you need to visually increase a space, the ideal is to resort to large formats. You will use fewer pieces and you will minimize installation joints. You will also reduce installation time.

In addition, large-format porcelain stoneware continues to have excellent technical qualities when it acts as a façade cladding, both due to its size and the advantages of durability, resistance and energy savings that it provides.

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