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We present you MatimexPLUS 06.

In the first pages you will find the editorial "What the wind took" written by Juan-Luis Grafulla, general director of Matimex, followed by an interesting interview with Pilar Domínguez, who occupies the tasks of control, costs, rates, as well as the management of the customer service and logistics department. We are talking about the most social and supportive aspect of Matimex carried out with the NGO Amigos de Nyumbani, as well as the most outstanding milestones of the year for Iris Ceramica Group, our group.

You will find the most notorious national and international projects carried out with our ceramic materials in recent months; and a new section called "Technical Area" with exclusive solutions and designs made in pieces of furniture. You can read an interesting interview conducted by the journalist Merche Romero with the prestigious and renowned architect Carlos Lamela.

We provide updated information on how the antiviral effect of the ACTIVE SURFACES photocatalytic product was verified, with its extraordinary properties against Sars-CoV-2. We also dedicate a few lines to our PIAM architecture competition, a very brief summary of the most outstanding news in recent months and a series of interviews with architecture studios that are very active in the sector.

As Juan-Luis Grafulla says in the editorial: ‹‹Today we would like to talk only about the future, new realities, new joys, new airs… and the old ones: the happy pandemic, sadness and melancholy, we can say that the wind I will take them".

Enjoy MatimexPLUS 06.

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