SapienStone in Casa Decor 2022

From April 7 to May 22 SapienStone is present at Casa Decor 2022 2022-04-20
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SapienStone in Casa Decor 2022

In this special edition where Casa Decor celebrates its 30th anniversary, SapienStone, the brand specializing in high-end porcelain stoneware kitchen countertops from Matimex, is one of the protagonists of two exclusive interior design settings where the use of materials from Iris Ceramica Group with a very unique character.

On this occasion, Casa Decor is located in the prestigious Salamanca district of Madrid, more specifically at 89 Goya Street, on the corner of Conde Peñalver.

With no less than 4,600 m2 of exhibition space, it is a fascinating 20th-century building that still maintains its original period structure. Each space inside the building is a white canvas where the interior designers have expressed themselves to the maximum, creating unprecedented atmospheres. SapienStone materials are protagonists in 2 areas:

Space 43 of BC3 Kitchens designed by ELE Room 62 
Space 28 of UECKO designed by Adriana Nicolau Interior Designer

The BC3 Cocinas space, designed by ELE Room 62, has as its main concept the “heart of the house”: the traditional large kitchen to share with the family and make life is the starting point of the project.

Here begins a warm and welcoming dimension where the use of natural textures is accompanied by elegant and sophisticated details. Added to all this is order and functionality, two essential points in the kitchen.

Regarding the choice of components and trends, the space focuses on sustainable materials with neutral colors, in a combination of craftsmanship and innovation, and with details that make us reconnect with nature.

From this point of view, SapienStone surfaces are conscientiously applied in the project, having been manufactured using completely green technologies and with zero emissions, respecting the highest environmental standards. The UECKO space, designed by the interior designer Adriana Nicolau, applies SapienStone as a porcelain stoneware wall tile in a new and unexplored context, where noble materials reconstruct the monochromy of brown tones alternated with shades of caramel.

The mid-century style is thus carried out in an innovative way, through choices that reproduce these sensations, prioritizing the sustainability and ecology of the decoration elements.

We are waiting for you at Casa Decor!

UECKO space: Felipe Scheffel 
BC3 Kitchens: Lupe Clemente

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