Hotel Colón: a meeting point full of history

Hotel Colón: a meeting point full of history

Barcelona / Spain

Property: Hotel Colón 

Study of interior design and reforms: Espai 31 


  • Brand: FMG

Collection: Maxfine

Model: Limestone Moon

Size: 300 x 100 cm

Thickness: 0,6 cm

Finished: estructurado

  • Brand: Porcelaingres

Collection: In Wood

Model: Acacia

Size: 120 x 15 cm

Espesor: 0,8 cm

Acabado: Natural

Modelo: Mulberry

Formato 120 x 30 cm

Thickness: 0,8 cm

Finished: Natural

  • Brand: Iris Ceramica

Collection: Quarziti

Model: Quarzite Silver

Size: 60 x 30 cm

Thickness: 0,9 cm

Finished: antideslizante

  • Brand: Ariostea

Collection: Pietre Naturali High-Tech

Model: Crema Europa

Size: 60 x 15 cm

Thickness: 1 cm

Finished: estructurado

Collection: Legni High-Tech

Model: Rovere Briccola

Sizes: 120 x 15 cm, 120 x 20 cm and 120 x 30 cm

Thickness: 1 cm

Total area of material supplied: 2.800 m2

Photography: Simón García, arqfoto 

Technical management from Matimex: Rafael Blanco and Tània Escribà 

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